Mobile Phone Repair Course Duration : 15,  30,  45,  60  and 90 Days,

How To Use Multi Meter Volt Meter Check Volt in Urdu 

Mobile Phone Repair Hardware repair Course Syllabus.

موبائل فون ریپئیرنگ مکمل ٹریننگ اُردو زبان میں۔

1 How To Disassemble Mobile Phone.
2 Information About Mobile Phone Parts. IC, Capacitor, Diod, Resistance, Fuse,
3 Information About Mobile Phone Section.
4 Information About Mobile Phone Technology.
5 Information About Mobile Repair TOOLS.
6 How To Use Re-soldering Station,
7 How To Use Multi Meter,  
8 How To Use Soldering Iron,
9 How To Use Micro Scope
10 .How To Use RPS, DC Supply.
11 How To Use Battery Booster
12 How To Understand PCB Diagram
13 Information About Mobile Phone Parts and There Work
14 Information About Resistance
15 Information About Diodes In Mobiles
16 Information About Fuse In Mobile Phones
17 Information About Capacitor In Mobile Phones
18 Information About SMD Parts & BGA IC
19 Information About LED In Light Section
20 Information About LCD
21 Information About Ringer, Speaker.
22 Information About Microphone
23 Information About Earpiece
24 Smart Phone / Mobile Phone IC Replacement.
25 Information About Power IC
26 Information About Sound IC
27 Information About Display IC
28 Information About Flash IC
29 Information About Key Pad IC
30 Information About SIM IC
31 SMD Parts Re-soldering
32 Mobile Phone Circuit Tracing,
33 How to Find Mobile Phone Repair Solution, Fault on Internet.
34 SMD Parts Replacement
35 Galaxy, Android Display Replacement
36 Key Problem Solution With Diagram &     practical
37 How To Check Break Circuit with Multi Meter
38 How To Repair Break Circuit with Soldering Iron
39 Mobile Phone Circuit Tracing
40 Break Circuit Repairing
41 Training For Jumping
42 Solution and there SOLUTION
(a) Signal Solution
(b) Sound
(c) Display
(d) Key Pad
(e) Camera
(f) Charging
(g) Touch Pad
(h) Circuit
(j) Software
43 Insert SIM Solution
44 Repairing & Solution About Water Damage Mobiles
45 Information About Non Repairable Mobile
46 SMD Parts Soldering
47 SMD Parts De-Soldering
48 How To Check Fuse
49 How To Check LED
50 Smart Phone Glass Replacement

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